Our commitments - MeedicAll.com

MeedicAll.com dating website between health professionals was created not by spirit of communitarianism but because we believe that women and men sharing common ethics and aspirations have all the assets at hand to understand one another.

We believe in beautiful encounters, friendly or romantic, based on trust and the sharing of certain values.

Respect and Security

The MeedicAll.com members are all adults, with freedom of choice and behaviour but we advocate values of respect and good manners.

The atmosphere must be courteous, friendly and reassuring, especially for our female members.

At any time, it is possible via the function “Ignore this Member”, to no longer be contactable by a member: they can no longer send you messages or invite you to chat.

All breaches of rules of elementary correctness, any disrespectful behaviour, persistent or occasional, should be reported so that we can take appropriate measures.


Each new profile is scrupulously checked and we assure the veracity of the information provided.

As stated in our Terms and Conditions, false information provided, particularly concerning professional membership, may give rise to the exclusion of the member without notice.


Your photo and your profile are visible only to members registered and connected.
Your e-mail is confidential and is not visible to anyone.
It is you and only you who decides what is disclosed to the other members.
You can consult our stance regarding Privacy and Personal Data


Many dating websites are created by affiliation to large groups and claim at launch several thousand members.
In addition to the fact that unknowingly these members are pooled by the various partners of these groups and often with personal details being resold, fake profiles and flattering testimonies are generated in order to animate the website.

At MeedicAll.com we have chosen the difficult route by creating a community of members from scratch: with us there are no fake profiles or manipulation of personal data.
You will meet fewer people but they are real.

We believe in slower development based on the quality of its members.

We wish you beautiful encounters on MeedicAll.com